The testing of Delphi E3 diesel electronic unit injectors being offered by Reef Fuel Injection Services (RFI), an authorised service centre, is being carried out to OEM specification and will not jeopardise the manufacturer’s warranty.

So says Warren Hauser, workshop manager at RFI, a subsidiary of Metric Automotive Engineering. RFI has become the only local company in Gauteng to offer a testing, diagnostic and reporting service for Delphi E3 diesel electronic unit injectors and is only one of two companies in South Africa presently offering this specialised service.

“These are costly hi-tech injectors — in fact they are one of the world’s most advanced production diesel unit injectors for high performance heavy duty applications,” Hauser says. “OEMs obviously want the best possible analysis service to ensure their product’s longevity and are now beginning to recognise the difference between the cheaper, superficial generic testing and the full spectrum genuine assessment of this injector.”

RFI is an approved Delphi agency and repairs undertaken at its Germiston-based facility carry a full Delphi guarantee. The OEM’s software is available for E3 diesel electronic unit injector testing, making it possible for the RFI team to access the trim code of the injector.

“The advantage of offering an OEM-approved testing service is that we can generate trim codes. These codes are fed back into the vehicle’s control area network (CAN) and harnessed by the ECU (engine control unit) of the diesel engine to achieve peak performance in terms of engine running, fuel consumption and reduced emissions,” Hauser explains.

“While generic testing takes place over only four test steps, RFI conducts this procedure through 20 or more test steps, in an environment that replicates operating conditions. Generic testing harnesses a square wave signal to open and close the solenoid, but the genuine testing equipment holds the solenoid open for precise durations, according to the different specifications loaded in the test bench.”

The Delphi E3 diesel electronic unit injector is an integrated fuel injection device that contains a high pressure pump and an electronically actuated injector. It is driven by the engine’s overhead camshaft, with one electronic unit injector per cylinder. Its dual valve design offers high speed, ultra-high pressure operation and many advanced features including a flexible injection capability enabling pilot, multiple injections and post injections.

The Delphi E3 electronic unit injector is designed to help manufacturers meet the world’s most stringent emissions regulations and is the flagship of Delphi’s extensive range of high quality electronic unit injector products. This allows manufacturers the freedom to meet a variety of emissions standards with the same cylinder head design.

The Delphi E3 diesel electronic unit injector is suitable for heavy duty diesel engines used for on and off-highway applications.

This injector delivers a major advantage for diesel engine manufacturers in meeting the extremely stringent future emissions requirements,” Hauser comments. It represents a significant advancement in heavy duty diesel fuel injection technology. The Delphi E3 electronic unit injector helps to achieve extremely low smoke/particulate levels at any engine load and speed and helps minimise the need for large and costly after-treatment devices.”

RFI was appointed South Africa’s first fully fledged Delphi agency in 2012 and, following significant investments into the latest machines, machine upgrades and staff training, the company is now able to overhaul and test all Delphi diesel fuel pumps and injectors from Dp200 to the latest common rail.

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