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Many Land Rover fans love the TDV6 diesel engine, but often expect it to keep going without the care it deserves – especially its diesel injection system. Now you can keep your Land Rover’s Diesel Injectors serviced without breaking the bank.

As one of the world’s iconic off-road vehicles, Land Rover is a brand known for taking hard knocks under rough conditions. This is even more reason to take maintenance seriously, according to Warren Hauser, manager at Reef Fuel Injection Services.

“Diesel fuel injection systems have become even more technically advanced in recent decades,” Hauser says. “Maintaining and repairing them demands highly specialised expertise and equipment.”

So intricate is the Siemens VDO diesel fuel injection system in the TDV6 engine that not even the vehicle’s dealers can repair the fuel injection components, all they can do is offer the costly option of replacing them. 

“We are a full-service agent for both diesel high pressure pumps and common rail injectors for Siemens VDO,” he says. “As the largest Siemens VDO repair agent in South Africa, we are one of just a few service providers with the machinery that the OEM requires for the work to be done to exacting their standards.”

While Land Rovers are famous for their long service life and high mileage, longevity may be expensive if maintenance is sub-standard. 

“Diesel fuel injection systems can cost owners dearly if not regularly checked,” he says. “Correct diagnosis of problems is vital, rather than the expensive trial-and-error route of replacing entire injectors.”

The cost effective option, says Hauser, is for a specialist to pinpoint the issue – using the right OEM-approved equipment. 

With its good product knowledge of the Land Rover TDV6 engine, Reef Fuel Injection Services can run a full test on the injector system for an accurate, up-front diagnosis.

“We then repair or remanufacture diesel high pressure pumps and injectors using genuine new parts,” he says. “We also provide the essential calibration of the Siemens VDO programme, and provide customers with a warranty on all remanufactured units.”

This way, off-road enthusiasts can be sure that their Land Rovers are fuel efficient, are performing optimally, and will not leave them in the lurch on a dusty track.

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