By 14th May 2020News
Reef Fuel

With load shedding expected to return with South Africa’s gradual move out of a Covid-19 lockdown, standby diesel generators need to be checked, especially their diesel fuel injection systems.

Reef Fuel
A six cylinder genset diesel pump with electronic governor being assessed at Reef Fuel Injection Services.

“Diesel generators that have been standing idle – or which have low working hours, can often experience fuel injection problems,” says Reef Fuel Injection Services manager Warren Hauser. “This can lead to the generator not starting at that critical time when mains power goes down.”

Hauser urges genset owners to have their systems checked regularly and maintained correctly, especially when there are long periods of inactivity such as the recent lockdown. 

“Faulty diesel fuel systems can also lead to more serious engine damage, even failure, when they are not running optimally while power is being drawn,” he says. “The subsequent engine repair costs – not to mention the associated business disruption – far outweigh the costs of professional maintenance.”

Hauser also highlights the danger of diesel becoming contaminated by water and dust when it stands for a long time without being used. Another risk is that the containers employed to bring diesel to the genset tanks can bring contaminants. This will undermine the performance of the fuel injection systems, which in turn affects the genset’s reliability.

Reef Fuel Injections Services provides OEM-approved testing as well as quality remanufacture and calibration of all these fuel injection systems – with experience spanning a wide range of sizes of power generation units from single-cylinder engines up to large 20-cylinder units. 

For genset owners experiencing problems, Reef Fuel Injection Services offer specialised expertise to pinpoint the fault on diesel fuel injection systems, and to provide a quick and cost effective solution. With state-of-the-art workshop facilities and mobile equipment, the company remanufactures CAT diesel fuel injection systems and is an authorised service agent for all leading manufacturers of diesel fuel injection systems – including Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Stanadyne.