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Leading diesel injection specialist Reef Fuel Injection Services (RFI) has boosted the capability of its ISO 9001 accredited Germiston facility by investing in a second Hartridge test bench for calibrating the new generation smart Delphi diesel injectors.

The new equipment represents RFI’s further commitment to the Delphi smart fuel injection system, which offers a range of benefits relating to efficiency and emissions to end-users.

“This new investment will double our capacity to repair, remanufacture, test and calibrate Delphi diesel injectors, and will allow us to serve the growing market in Delphi systems, as this brand expands beyond its traditional application in light motor vehicles to larger truck engine applications,” says RFI director Andrew Yorke.

RFI is once again first to market with this technology, supporting customers with high quality, OEM certified repair and calibration services as these systems rapidly evolve. Yorke says that the remarkable progress of injector technology – while being driven mainly by the global drive to reduce emissions from diesel engines – also brings cost related benefits to customers.

“It makes simple economic sense to properly burn all the diesel that you are putting into your engine,” he says, “The higher pressures that are being built into modern injection systems produce better atomisation and contribute considerably to the efficiency of the combustion cycle –  which in turn improves engine efficiency and diesel consumption rates.”

To illustrate the advances in recent decades, the latest Delphi systems are designed to operate with a 2,500 bar injection pressure – a far cry from the 240 bar normally associated with original mechanical injectors.

He also highlights the significance of the electronically controlled nozzle control valves in the latest smart injector systems, allowing multi-stage injection cycles that further raise burn efficiency within the combustion chamber.

Other diesel fuel injection systems for which RFI is an authorised service agent include Bosch, Denso, and Stanadyne. This means that RFI’s repairs on these brands are backed by an OEM warranty. RFI is acknowledged as the market leader for the repair of CAT fuel injection systems.

“It is important for us to stay ahead of the game across the range of fuel injection systems in the market today,” says Yorke, “as the vehicle population in South Africa is fairly small by European or North American standards.”

The cost effective process of remanufacturing diesel injectors always requires testing and calibration before a unit can be returned to a customer in its ‘zero hour’ (as new) state – and its settings mapped back to a standard, he says.

Established in 1975, RFI is a subsidiary company of Metric Automotive Engineering, also a well respected and leading player in the remanufacture of diesel engine components.

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