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The new K0176 Caterpillar Hydraulic Electric Unit Injector (HEUI) tester recently commissioned by leading diesel service centre Reef Fuel Injection Services (RFI), at its Germiston premises, is attracting increasing attention in the marketplace for its ability to generate a detailed condition report on the latest Caterpillar injectors, part of Caterpillar’s Common Rail fuel system.

The state-of-the-art HEUI tester has entrenched the company’s position at the forefront of steadily advancing Caterpillar technology.

A HEUI is an hydraulic actuated electronically controlled unit injector, actuated by engine oil pressure rather than by the camshaft. A very high oil pressure (up to 3 000 psi) is created by a separate oil pump. This high pressure is routed to every injector through a gallery and the engine’s Electronic Control Module varies the pressure in response to engine speed and other parameters.

“More and more customers are making use of the reporting feature to justify re-use, rather than replacement,” Warren Hauser, workshop manager at RFI, says. “With the new K01756 machine we’re also able to test the poppet valve on the latest Caterpillar HEUI injectors. This eliminates the need for a full test and saves the customer both time and money by accurately identifying the faulty injectors.

“If the poppet valve passes the initial test, we initiate a complete delivery check and monitor the return back leak-off rate at different operating conditions, such as speed and pressure. The same applies to checking and reporting on the pressure pumps.”

In addition, RFI is able to offer full electronic diagnostic reporting making it possible to focus on the specific area in which the fault is located, either the Common Rail injector or the hydraulic pump.

“This allows our technicians to quickly identify and remove the faulty part, test this part comprehensively in the workshop and, depending on the type of component, repair or replace it and finally reinstall the part into the machine,” Hauser says. “Using the diagnostic equipment, we can also re-programme the injector using trim codes that the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the diesel engine then uses to achieve peak performance in terms of engine running, fuel consumption and reduced emissions.”

One of the primary benefits of the new tester is the fast turnaround times it makes possible which, in turn, significantly reduce the machine’s downtime.

Established in 1975, RFI is an acknowledged Caterpillar fuel system specialist and is an authorised service agent to all five leading diesel fuel injection systems – Bosch, Zexel, Delphi, Denso and Stanadyne.

CAT HEUI CONDITION REPORT PIC 01 : The recently commissioned state-of-the-art HEUI tester at RFI is able to generate a detailed condition report on the latest Caterpillar common rail fuel system.

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