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Cataracts: Causes and Treatment Options

Cataracts: Causes and Treatment Options Test nonprescription sunglasses for distortion by holding them a few inches in front of your eyes. S. It is well known that it helps keep your immune system strong and your eyesight clear. Financial Counseling Programs: Help seniors with managing their finances, bills, and completing Medicaid, Medicare or insurance forms. […]

viagra – Ancak, İngiltere’de Viagra olarak

Ancak, İngiltere’de Viagra olarak satılan ilaç onaylanmamıştır, bu nedenle orijinal bir ürün olarak garanti edilemeyebilir. Yazımızın başlarında belirttiğimiz gibi Kalp ve Damar rahatsızlığı,hipertansiyon ve böbrek rahatsızlıklarınız varsa uzman doktor kontrolünde alınmasında fada vardır. Viagra’yı asla diğer erektil disfonksiyon ilaçlarıyla birlikte almamalısınız. Seksi daha şehvetli bir şekilde yaşamak ve cinsel soğukluğun giderilmesini isteyen kişiler bu ürünlere […]

Key Copying Services

Key Copying Services Available 24/7 and replete with a special emergency taskforce, specialized tools, fast mobile vans, our services can provide you quick resolutions during a crisis. Are you in need of a reliable and trustworthy locksmith? Our professional locksmiths are standing by call Riverdale Georgia Locksmith today for fast affordable service. Master key. If […]

The Impact of Digital Screens on Eyesight

The Impact of Digital Screens on Eyesight This vision care formula starts working right away to help improve your eye health. Oil is like the blood of your engine, and making an error in selecting the proper type can have some pretty serious ramifications. Yet for all the controversy, Taurus sales remained strong, actually improving […]

Quality Injector Repairs For Toyota Vehicles

New Hartridge CRI Machine Injector Repairs For Toyota D4D fuel injectors

The recent decrease in new vehicle sales confirms the increasing number of older vehicles on the road today, and this holds true for light commercial vehicles. Now more than ever, fleet owners are under pressure to contain the maintenance costs associated with these high mileage vehicles as they come out of their warranty periods.

Reef Fuel Injection Services Fuels Leadership Position In SA

RFI is an authorised service agent to all leading manufacturers of diesel fuel injection systems, including Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Stanadyne, while also being acknowledged as a local leader in Caterpillar diesel fuel injection systems.

There are only a few South African companies that are able to repair cutting edge diesel fuel injection systems that have entered the market over the years, and Reef Fuel Injection Services (RFI) continues to grow its reputation as a leader in the field.

Reef Fuel Injection Services Reduces Downtime Of Caterpillar Customers By Offering An In-Field Fuel System Diagnostic Service

in-field fuel system diagnosis

Reef Fuel Injection Services is helping to reduce the downtime of its Caterpillar customers by offering an in-field fuel system diagnosis. “We can pinpoint what the exact problem is, right down to a specific faulty fuel injector which we can then remove and rebuild, as well as recalibrate the rest. This provides a massive cost-saving for our customers in that we are able to test injectors individually, rather than having to replace or repair a full set,” Warren Hauser, operations manager, says.

RFI introduces Piezo Injector testing, reporting and repairs

Reef Fuel Injection Services can assist with all mandatory maintenance as well as unscheduled breakdowns. Piezo injector test

Reef Fuel Injection Services (RFI), a subsidiary of Metric Automotive Engineering, is the only local company to offer a state-of-the-art Piezo injector test, report and repair facility for Bosch and Delphi fuel systems, for which RFI is an approved agent.